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Jo*Joe is a feature length digital movie

Producers: Phil Desjardins, Leslie Adams                                                                                Assoc. Prod: Sterling Johnston
Director: Phil Desjardins
Writers: Phil Desjardins , David Healey
D.O.P.: Phil Desjardins, Tom Bellisario
Audio: Mike Rosiana
Continuity/AD: Tica Simmons
Editor: Vanessa Huang
Asst. Editor: Jeff Vanderby
Gaffer/Grip: Sterling Johnston
Make-Up: Laura Fabia Araujo, Molly Adey
Hair: Lynn Gardner
Production Assistants: Adam Marsh, Paul Opperm
ann, Candida Zelaya, Megan Desjardins


Joe - David Adams

Jo - Oonagh Duncan

Michael - Dustin Dolby

Gord - Taylor Kerr

Moses - Eugene Hennie

Lua - Lua Casu

Clare - Naomi Faith Brewer


Andreas Prinz
Renata Radek
Ryna Schickler
Andrew Marinic
Peter Ross
Robin Kerr
George Kerr
Jack Recollet
David Squires
Terry Harber
David Healey
Jim Money
Jerry Butts
Joan Ban
William Bickett
Varda Shomrony
Norman Owen
Rafal Janowski
Jeremy Lyon
Bonnie Barter
Doug Hollingshead
Bonnie Briggs
Kerre Briggs
Barry Minshull
Marianne Smiley
Andrew J. Sainsbury

Joe Ferguson had it all ... then he has squat and beans and an old truck
for a home. Why are
people homeless?

Shot in the midst
of Toronto's 20,000 homeless people
JO*JOE is a gritty look
at a national disaster

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Oonagh Duncan (Jo)
David Adams (Joe)

Scene 9 ... First Day of shooting